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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

hello all.
i am so happy today!wow!
Why i am not updating?!
It is because my computer broke down.The tecnition came just now and fixed the computer.All my documents,pictures and songs are all gone!I am so not stisfied but nevermind atleast i can do my E-Learning or ACE thingy using my own computer.

Yes,barnabas week were great!Tomorrow is the day we reveal our Secret Barnabas!Tomorrow i am going to tell the class something.

Speech Day.
Friday is Speech Day.Practising our best,yet we have not gotten our costume.Long story and tomorrow still got choir.Hopefully Mr Ong will be good coz if he scold us here and there we will confirm lose our voices and will have less rest.I hope he will release us early so that we can rest and i hope tomorrow the sec1s and myself will get back the choir costume.Hopefully......

Choir do your best for Mr Ong tomorrow and on the actual day!

(7:25 AM)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

I'm after nearly half a month did not update my blog.Quite busy wiht school work and the happy news is im attach.Wanna know who?go find out urself.Ok common tests were ok.I fail maths but malay i passed:)I'm atleast happy for my malay.just now went to bpp wiht family bought my assesment books for english,maths and a Geography handbook.Science maybe other time.Coz just now we went there late.So look through some books and bought it.Used voucher to pay it.
So weekends not really good.tats all.

To b,im starting to miss u lah;)feel like nk cibet ur pipi je!
k tc luv u darl.


(8:13 AM)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

ok i know its been a long time seens i've last update my blog.yea my status on fb also nvr change.hmmm.....ok now im not att n im single:( the one changing?is that right?im just know on wat ime changing.:)oh if u smoke once r u called a smoker?yes/no?ok i think tats enough over is over.i should go on with my life ah.cant just entertain my situation right now.i know im not changing but my decision is i will change myself slowly as this is wat im gonna say.I am going to change myself anytime i want nothing is expected for myself.

Ok tday got Chingay practise.Actually it was an important event but for us its just normal.Nothing is important but only when it comes to the actual Azlynn is waiting for to reply her on fb coz i never reply her for bout donno how long already.sabar ehk Azlynn.Ey,btw im addicted to reading books now.i mean just reading scary bored.tats y all the merepek words came post im gonna post pictures mayb?ok tats all for tday.bye


(8:05 AM)

Monday, December 14, 2009

i m sad..... not really tday went to lepak with my adq Amirah and got many more ah. met them at 511 table then at there chat with Wan. haha. chatting with him fun ah but waiting for tat Irah slow ah.....Wan kau att nan saper?! dgr2 kau dha mcm matrep? hehe. k then jus now watch tv pack bag for my trip to indonesia this wednesday..... gonna miss my bestfrens! and bby! haiyo.... gonna miss u guys.... will be back on the 21dec.:) goin there with aroung 20people but my mum and bro(Akif) not goin as my mum is working.

Ok yesday great Abg Iz kahwin haha. yea. gerek btol. from my nenek house uncle,nurul,nana an i went to the CC 1st then say Abg Azer! wow! dha brubah?:) haha. dha aer minah ah org tu. then salam him he said this "wah....!badan bleh tahan?" ya haha dha lamer tk jumper mah.... then met all my sedare jaoh. this one my mother side! of course ah best sey. then Abg Iz married with a teacher. donno wats her name no nid to know. Then we help to kemas2 then they Abg Azer jual bunga. haha! Cik extra! haha. then all the ladies can take free flowers. fresh flowers. then i was like who wans? who wans? then Abg Azer send me back he drove Kak Ain car. i thought he have his own car? haha. nvm......he is having a diff time to on the radio. i jus keep quite. haha. biar ah....... then reach nenek house pack things n back home took cab. reach home go toilet and of to bed.k tats all.

To bby im gonna miss u lots ah. 6 days will not be seeing ur face but still can contact if can ah. if not parah sey. k lah tc luv u muaks!



(2:15 AM)

Monday, December 7, 2009

ok im jus gonna tell u guys why i post quickly later im goin to wtch New Moon again! my small sis treat me!:) thx to my small sis Nana Shorty. ok wanna noe wat my dream bout jus now? i hope thi dream will cme true frens....... u noe jus now my dream was tat i m like already OK with sme of these ppl tat use to be close to me n bby last time but i only dream bout thse 3 ppl only. i feel sad sia when i woke up. i thought it was not a Dream i hpe this will really happens. Friendship is important to me. i hpe wat happen in my dream will cme true as a reality ah. i really cant forget bout it sey..... ok tats enough. ok tat time watch kuda kepang at Bukit Batok block 501! ouh. but my house is jelapang. go there watch with Cik Adam n family as his daughter Kak Lynn maen kuda kepang. wah...... fun2! then Cik Lynn said MP nk dtg but atlast tk dtg.....
k got sme pics taken from Cik Adam's pic. we watch it on a Sunday but i donno which Sunday. then last Sunday which was 6/12/09 Cik Adam again came to my house to celebrate my adek Akif Sufi birthday. actually his birhtday was yesday 7/12/09 but tats on Monday everyone working so celebrate on Sunday got pics but not gonna upload tday for tday jus put in kuda kepang pics. k guys tats all.

To bby yea thurs day meeting u dear.... Audition hpe u will get in tat competition.:) hehe. tc luv u muaks!!!

(4:49 PM)

Monday, November 30, 2009

ok i have not been updating my blog for the past donno how many days. but seriously miss bby soo much much and all my close frens. when to lepak? donno. ok so not gonna update much nth to say but yesday watch kuda kepang at Bukit Batok again but different place then say Shah and Apit there. k then i guess tats all k.

To bby i miss u soo much k tmr meet up:) k tc luv u muaks!


(4:20 AM)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

ok tday quite boring went to pasir ris coz got jemputan. ok lah. we took around 2hrs to reach there. then reach home around 8.30p.m.-9.00p.m. haha. tired. then jus now buy 2 sets of spring chicken wah very delicious. ok change topic. then while waiting at hall with mum jus now around 8.35p.m. like tat my enemy family pass by then the mum like donno wanna salam my mum or not then she jus salam and off. To (insertname)"asl kau senyap? bapak ader jdi bdk baek ah?!" and "kau piker biber kau besar aku tkot?!" guess tats all for tday.

To bby pls reply my msg asap. k tmr i got chinggay. anything jus text me kk? tc luv u muaks!



(7:06 AM)